text pencil drawing "Landscape Drawing" by artist Joe Hardesty - collection of Fogg Museum Harvard
Landscape Drawing
pencil on paper
26" x 40.5"

Text transcription:

This drawing is a beautifully rendered landscape. In the distance there are three snowcapped mountains. In the foreground there is a grassy clearing (a long forgotten horse pasture) surrounded by a stand of seven different kinds of trees. An impressive variety of plants and animals call the clearing home. There are birds singing joyful songs celebrating the return of spring. A family of foxes is nestled in the underbrush listening. Colorful blooming flowers dot the old pasture. In the sky above there are fluffy cumulus clouds faintly tinged orange, purple, and pink. Just beyond the clearing is a beautiful sunset sparkling off a small spring fed pond. A television news helicopter with a tail of blue smoke is falling from the sky.

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